RTS Games

Real-Time Strategy Games or RTS Games are a fast-pace version of the more traditional progenitor Strategy Games. RTS games require the players to instantly adapt and react in a rapidly changing, real time scenario. This creates every game much faster-paced and dynamic, thus requiring the player to keep up with the fast-changing gameplay. In fact, one of the major appeals of RTS is that it is so much fun to play. This is because one gets to fight dragons, build huge cities and Wage Wars all in the name of success.

But while playing a RTS game, you must keep in mind that it is not a game whereby one can sit back and let his/her empire grow. It’s a fast paced, action packed game where success comes at a price. Of course, to be a winner, you need to carefully manage resources as well as understand your enemies and how best to beat them. And if you want to truly feel the intensity and enjoy your game, then you should consider playing for real-time strategy games.

One of the most popular types of RTS games are the Age of Empire series. This particular genre of game is actually the first one in the franchise. The Age of Empires series is considered by many to be the pinnacle of all RTS titles. Being the first game in the franchise, this game will ensure that you master the fundamental principles of creating empires in a nutshell. The game basically takes place on four different continents namely Africa, Asia, Arabia and Europe.

There are also many other RTS games that you can choose from. For example, Age of War series, or more popularly known as StarCraft series; this real-time strategy game is a perfect example of an RTS title. With its sophisticated visuals and well thought out storyline, StarCraft 2 is definitely one of the most popular real-time strategy games ever. Playing as either Zerg or Protoss, you have to utilize your knowledge and expertise in order to win battles and conquer territories. StarCraft 2 improves upon the concepts of its predecessors; creating a fun, exciting and highly engaging experience for gamers all around the world.

Another classic real-time strategy title is Command and Conquer 3. Also developed by Blizzard Entertainment, this series of RTS games is also set in a sci-fi setting. You take control of one of several major characters in this exciting series and use their unique abilities to lead your faction to victory over the enemy. In addition, you’ll have to make use of each character’s special abilities and units in battle. As you progress through each level, you’ll be forced to switch from one character to another in order to accomplish various objectives and missions within the game. Although the single player campaign may seem short, it offers plenty of, as you can return to previous levels and continue the action from where you left off previously.

Finally, you have to consider the popular PC game Command and Conquer 3: Heroes of the Strife. If Command and Conquer 3: Heroes of the Strife looks like it was created by the experts in the RTS genre, it was actually created by the award winning team of Valve Corporation. This RTS game offers a single player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode for up to four players. Playing as either Terran Zerg, or Protoss, you must annihilate all enemy units using powerful units and powerful weapons. The single player mode allows you to spend some time developing your own base and choosing your specific race, before heading into battle again.

So if you’re looking for a new and innovative strategy game with strong competitive aspects, you should certainly look at RTS games such as StarCraft 2, Command and Conquer 3, and Warcraft 3. All three games provide an engaging gaming experience with highly competitive points scoring and user friendly controls. Plus, with each release of these classic RTS games, the genre has become significantly more diverse. You no longer have to play the same old boring, cookie-cutter game.

With each release of these classic RTS games, the genre of real-time strategy has evolved. Each new release has added new elements to the genre, while maintaining the core gameplay of the original game. This means that RTS gamers will always have something new to play. Not only that, but since each genre of RTS includes a wide variety of players and maps, you never have to worry about playing against someone who is better than you or playing against the computer. Enjoy a great game, without having to worry about your competition. Start with a mod or download a multiplayer mod from the Internet today!